This section is intended for new recruits to Crawley Athletic Club and outlines the structure of the club, training nights and coaching groups.

All club officials, coaches and helpers at Crawley AC are volunteers giving up their time to help the athletes and build a successful club.

The club is open to all in school year 5 (those aged 9 or 10 and over), and you can compete once you are over 11 [well actually as long as you are in year 6 or 7 you can compete]. However, to compete in a league match you must first be a member of the club. Athletes are able to compete in Open meetings without being a member of the club.

Crawley AC does not accept “Loco Parentis “ of any child training or competing with us. Loco parentis is defined as: “being responsible for a child while the child’s parents are absent.”

Crawley AC have a duty of care over all athletes being trained by their coaches, however due to our training venues being in public places we are unable to guarantee unauthorised access by members of the general public. Our coaches and helpers are unable to escort children to the toilet, therefore parents must be aware and question their own responsibility. Parents are welcomed and encouraged by Crawley AC to remain on site and be responsible for their child during training sessions.

Fiona Newport is Crawley AC's Young Athletes Coordinator. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. She is the point of contact and information for all athletes (and their parents) from the age of 10 to 16 (ie U11's, U13's, U15's and U17's) including:
* New athletes and their parents trying out the club can talk to her about the club, what they want from athletics and what the club can offer them, and
* existing members can liaise with her about their needs - which coaching group they would like to train with, what events they would like to try etc, although they can, of course, still talk to their coaches about this.
* She will liaise with the coaches about who is in their group and whether it is the right group for them and will discuss requests from athletes to join a new group.
* In addition, she will aim to make sure that every athlete receives information about competitions (indoor winter, cross country, spring/summer track and field, open meetings) and thereby giving every athlete the chance to be selected to represent Crawley AC in some of these competitions.
* She will try to be at most training sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings (family schedule permitting!)

For those wanting to try athletics or too young to join Crawley AC
Crawley Borough Council also run a number of different courses for youngsters. There is the summer Star:track athletics week and the 10 week Panther Club for youngsters. Please contact CBC’s "Active Crawley Team" for more information.

For athletes aged 5-7, Super 8s is a coaching initiative purposely designed for that age group Click here

Training Nights
Training sessions take place on Monday and Wednesday evenings between 7 and 8 pm at the K2 Leisure Centre, Pease Pottage Hill [A23], Crawley - except on Bank Holidays or when competitions are scheduled on the track. You are welcome to come along to watch a training session or better still why not join in? You can try it without joining for a couple of times to see if you like it!

[When you come into K2 go through the main entrance and past the reception - don't pay there!! - keep going along the "corridor" until you reach the doors at the end - you'll usually see a few people standing there including someone collecting training fees.]

To join the club simply complete the online form on the Membership page, select the appropriate Annual Subscription and make payment by credit or debit card.

Training sessions are open to all who are interested and currently cost £2.00 (this is separate from membership fees); you simply pay the club officials by the entrance out onto the track - do not pay at the main leisure centre entrance. If you are new to the club and simply want to try athletics to see if you like it come along and have a go, you do not need to join immediately. When you train regularly you are expected to join the club. Please ask at the door for further details.

Coaching Groups
We have coaches for all aspects of athletics, providing a formal and structured training regime for all athletes.

Whilst we want you to have fun, the safety of all athletes is of the highest importance.
Here are some IMPORTANT: DO'S & DON'TS

All new athletes will be placed in the beginners group with Jim Boyce. They will learn the basic, but vitally important, warm-up and stretching routines, followed by drills aimed at building up their strength and stamina. They will be given the chance to try different events, but this needs to be timed so as not to interfere with the training sessions of the more serious athletes.

Whilst this is very much the fun group, all those who attend are expected to behave in an appropriate manner - anybody who disrupts the group will be asked to leave, either for that session or (if poor behaviour persists) permanently.

Once a specialism has been identified, and the athlete is ready to be moved up, they will go to one of these groups. This is where those of a club, county, national and international standard train to an intensive training programme. It is not for the faint-hearted!

Click here to see our coaches.

For young athletes the club currently fields teams in the following leagues:

  • Sussex Under 13 (normally Thursday evenings) and Under 15 Leagues (normally Friday evenings)
  • Youth Development League, ages Under 13 & Under 15 (normally Saturdays); Under 17 & Under 20 (normally Sundays)
  • Sussex Cross Country League

In the winter, teams are entered in the Sussex Sports Hall League, this provides indoor athletics for athletes aged up to 15.

In exceptional circumstances young athletes also compete for the Senior teams:

  • Southern Athletics League, ages Under 17 to Seniors (normally Saturdays)
  • National Athletics League