NEVER: Step on to the track without LOOKING IN BOTH DIRECTIONS and GIVING WAY to runners on the track.

NEVER STAND STILL On the Track and/or near the Finish Line.

NO WALKING or JOGGING in LANES 1 & 2: These are the fast lanes. Use lanes 3 and 4 for warm-up/warm-down.

INTERVALS: Lanes 1 and 2 – Don’t run more than two abreast. Overtake slower runners, then move back into lane 1.

GIVE WAY TO SPRINTER AND HURDLERS using lanes 5, 6, 7, 8 in home straight and back straight.

WHEN BEING PASSED: HOLD YOUR POSITION! If you move suddenly to the right or the left someone may get hurt.

WHEN FINISHING:  Watch out for other runners behind you on the track. DON'T JUST STOP! Either move into lanes 3 & 4 and stop or step onto the inside of the track before stopping.

WHEN STARTING:  Watch out for other runners finishing.

If someone shouts "TRACK!" Move out of the way!
This usually means that you are not following the above rules.

ALL RUNNERS: Listen to your Coach’s instructions for your own safety

EXPERIENCED RUNNERS: Be patient with new runners. It will take a little time for them to learn Track Etiquette.

In general, give everyone the courtesy and respect you would expect them to give to you. Let's make this an enjoyable experience for all.